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DBGallery enables you to store important information about images
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DBGallery is an application that enables you to store important information about images, at the same time allowing you to keep folders containing image data well organized.
The application is very complex, allowing you to add image folders in two ways: online and offline. The two ways of adding files do not refer to Internet connection or availability. The former mode refers to the fact that you can import images from your hard disk, while the second mode allows you to import images stored on other sources, such as DVDs or CDs. The "Explore" section displayed on the left side of the main window will store the data you import using the two modes mentioned earlier. The "Online" folder contains the files you import using the first mode, while the "Offline" folder contains files imported using the second mode, respectively.

Once you have imported files in the two folders, they will appear on the viewing screen from the main window. Several viewing modes are possible, displaying information about the imported images either visually through thumbnails accompanied by general information about image size, location, etc. or in a table which will provide detailed information about the image, such as the folder path and ID, EXIF data, title, just to mention a few. Some pieces of information about each picture can be introduced manually by double-clicking the image displayed in the viewer. Therefore, a new panel will be opened, where you will be able to fill in three forms: Photo Data, Exif and Offline. Moreover, you can add geographical data to individual images (such as the longitude and latitude) by accessing the GPS section on the right side of the main screen.

All in all, DBGallery is an application that can be used by photographers who need to provide and store detailed information about their pictures. Although the purpose of this application is to store not only photos but various data as well, you will be able to view the photos together with the datasheets.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Detailed image datasheets can be filled manually
  • Geo tagging option
  • You can edit multiple photos at the same time


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